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Pumpkin Pie Tartlets

Around Halloween, Jake started asking for pumpkin pie.   He's pretty picky in the food department, so when he asks for something, I try to accommodate him if at all possible.   Tim does not eat pumpkin pie, and I had my heart set on chocolate pie, so when Rosie posted this recipe I grabbed it up because it was so simple. I have to admit, I was a little nervous pouring the batter right into the cups, but it worked out fine.  Mine were not 100 calorie since I grabbed reg evaporated milk instead of the fat free kind.    There also had to have been a huge run on gingersnaps in my area, and I ended up with cinnamon graham crackers instead.   These are a nice take on pie if you are looking to save calories on the crust, but I missed it.    Jake ate the whipped cream/cookie mixture off the top, poked at the pie and tried one bite.   It had nice flavor, nice consistency and unmolded out of the cups in a flash.     :) Print With Image Without Image 100 Calorie