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Rustic Vegetable Tart

In 2006, I'd never even tried eggplant, but I wanted to.  I put a call out on the Taste of Home community asking for suggestions.  I got some great ones.   Over the years, I've made a lot of eggplant dishes, but a lot of them were based off breaded and fried disks.     This time I wanted something different.   I also had some zucchini and tomatoes from the farm, and a nice yellow pepper.    I did a search and found this recipe.   It was too hot to run the oven for very long, so I sliced the eggplant instead of cutting it into chunks.  I also sliced the tomatoes and used half what the recipe called for.    The pepper I cut into long strips.   I laid out all the veggies one type at a time on the pastry with a little drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle of salt & pepper.   Over the top tomato layer, I scattered the yellow bell pepper, some minced jarred garlic, more salt & pepper, drizzle of oil and the shredded parmesan cheese. I baked this on Wednesday to have for Thursday

Fudgy Zucchini Brownies

No long story with this one.  I had zucchini, I was craving chocolate  :)   I find this more like cake than brownies, but who cares?  They are delicious no matter what you call them. No changes to this one except I peeled the zucchini and omitted the nuts.    Thanks to Ruth B for sharing the recipe!                       * Exported from MasterCook *                       Fudgy Zucchini Brownies   2               cups  all-purpose flour      1/3           cup  baking cocoa   1 1/2      teaspoons  baking soda   1           teaspoon  salt   2               cups peeled, shredded zucchini   1 1/2           cups  sugar      3/4           cup  vegetable oil   2          teaspoons  vanilla extract                         FROSTING:      1/4           cup  butter -- cubed   1                cup  sugar      1/4           cup  milk      1/2           cup  semisweet chocolate chips      1/2           cup  miniature marshmallows   1           teaspoon  vanilla extract In

Citrus Green Beans

Simple is best when it comes to fresh-from-the-farm green beans, and I gave this recipe a try today.  Still hot and muggy here, and I didn't want to boil water to steam them, so I made them in a packet to grill alongside some chicken.  I laid out the trimmed green beans, poured over the olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and then zested the orange over top.   I squeezed the juice from half the orange into the packet, and then sealed it up tight. I put it on the grill while it was preheating, and left it on while the chicken cooked.   They were the tiniest bit squeaky, probably could have used a few more minutes or maybe a head start in the microwave.     Nice hint of orange, but not enough to overpower the flavor of the beans.   Jake added a tiny drizzle of honey over his.   Print With Image Without Image Citrus Green Beans Author: Jolene's Recipe Journal Ingredients: 1lb fresh green beans, ends trimmed zest from 1 orange juice from 1/2 a

Mini Taco Stuffed Peppers

My son is entering a weird phase.   Some days he has a bottomless pit for a stomach, others he eats like a bird.   Tacos are one of his favorite meals, but I'm having a rough time judging how much meat to make.    Last time around was one of his "peckish" days, and I had a good cup of taco meat leftover.  I let it cool, stuck it in a bag in the freezer.   When I menu planned for this week, I saw this recipe in my to-try file.    Perfect!   Since my taco meat was already cooked, I added just a little more water to it so it wouldn't dry out.   I am not a huge fan of cilantro, but I do like the dried much more than the fresh, so I used that.     I personally would like a little heat next time around, I think I will also add some diced jalapeno to the taco mixture.    Huge thanks to Christy at The Girl Who Ate Everything for the recipe  :)                       * Exported from MasterCook *                         Mini Taco Stuffed Peppers leftover taco meat (

Super Simple & very Delicious Chicken & Waffles

The first time I looked through the Aug/Sept issue of Simple & Delicious, I sort of shrugged at this recipe.   Frozen waffles.  Premade chicken.   Eh.   Then I kept reading- honey and hot sauce.  That's when I folded the page corner over and thought, I'm going to make these- but I'll do the chicken and the waffles from scratch. Today I found myself with leftover fried chicken from a local restaurant, and some Eggo waffles.  I heated the chicken in the oven at the same time I baked some pork chops for the guys. Toasted the waffles.   I mixed together local honey and sriracha, heated slightly in the microwave.     So good.   I love crispy, salty chicken, the heat and the sweet of the sauce, all on top of the golden brown waffle.      I'll definitely be making this one again!   Thank you to Lisa R for sharing the recipe :) Chicken & Waffles Print With Image Without Image Yield: 4 Author: Jolene's Recipe Journal prep time: cook time: to