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Sausage Pancake Muffins

I'm going savory for this month's Muffin Monday! I snagged some breakfast sausage on sale and got bored eating them as is so I went searching on the Taste of Home site for ways to use them and I found Lisa D's Sausage Pancake Muffins. The only change to the recipe I made was to use whole milk because that's what we always keep on hand.  I was tempted to sprinkle the tops with some maple sugar I bought locally but was worried it might burn. Next time I'd cut the sausage links into smaller pieces.  I also tested some in full size that I didn't get photos of.  The minis are great for on the go breakfasts and I liked the regular for at home.  Real maple syrup gave just the right finishing touch but maple butter or maple cream would be delicious too. Thanks so much to Stacy for hosting #MuffinMonday and to all the other awesome bloggers who shared recipes today, be sure to go check out what they made using the links down below!     Sausage Pancake Muffins Print Wit

Fried Ice Cream Bars

Have you ever had fried ice cream?  It's one of my favorite desserts to order when we visit our local Mexican food chain and I've even made it at home before.  First you make the "fried" coating by combining butter, cornflakes, cinnamon and sugar in a skillet.  Cook and stir them until they are golden brown.  Cool them completely. Next up, you beat together heavy cream, evaporated milk and salt.  Add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla and beat until thickened. Half  of the cornflake mixture goes in to the bottom of your greased pan.  Gently pour in the cream mixture. Then sprinkle the remaining cornflake mixture over the top.  Pop it in the freezer for at least 8 hours, overnight is better. Cut into bars.  I used a metal spatula that I dipped into hot water and then wiped with a towel.  This gave me nice clean squares.  They are good as is, but most places serve them with either a honey or chocolate syrup drizzle, then some whipped cream and a cherry.  These were a

Pesto Buttermilk Dressing

The #DairyMonth celebration continues today and so does my pesto fixation!  It's one of my new favorite ingredients and today's recipe is Liz B's Pesto Buttermilk Dressing from Taste of Home. I made a few swaps- I used rice vinegar instead of the white wine vinegar and I used roasted garlic cloves. Buttermilk, yogurt, parm cheese, lemon, salt, pepper, and pesto round out the ingredient list. I poured all the ingredients into a Ball jar with a reusable lid and gave it a shake. You could also toss everything into your blender or use a stick blender. That distributed everything nicely, but be sure to give it a shake again before serving. I started with some simple mixed greens and added some halved tomatoes and sliced radishes from my garden. You can serve it from the jar or you can move it to a fancier vessel if you like. I got this adorable bottle at a local restaurant supply store. The buttermilk and yogurt work with the pesto to give it a delicious herby flavor with some t

Berry Cream Popsicles

June is National Dairy Month and this week some foodie friends and I will be sharing lots of recipes to celebrate. I'm kicking things off with one of my favorite cool treats, popsicles! I found Cindy R's recipe for Blueberry Cream Pops on the Taste of Home website.  Since it's strawberry season here I decided to add those as well. I have simple syrup in the fridge because I use it in my cold brew coffee, but if you don't you need to plan time to make it and let it cool.  I added the chopped berries, simple syrup and heavy cream to a glass measuring cup because I knew it would be easier to pour into the molds that way. I've got 3 sets of these molds, I just love them.  If you don't have molds you can definitely go old school and use cups and popsicle sticks. You want to fill them right up to the top and I tossed in a few more berries for good measure.  Pop the handles in and then freeze.  We were in and out of the freezer a lot that day, so I let mine go ove