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Chive Cheese Cornbread

We recently purchased a smoker and it's been real fun learning to use it.  We were doing some 3-2-1 St. Louis ribs over the weekend and I thought some cornbread and baked beans would be the perfect sides.    Since my chives are going crazy right now, I searched for a recipe that used them and found this one on the Taste of Home website. I used whole milk because it's what we always have on hand and I used a 7.5 ounce bag of Sargento Shredded 4 State Cheddar Cheese. I also added a pinch of salt as some of the other reviewers on the site suggested. I got zero progress pictures because I was also tending the ribs. I couldn't wait until dinner to give it a try so I had a piece (or two, don't judge) sitting out on the deck. This was great alongside the ribs and would also be delicious as a side to chili.  If you don't have fresh chives and like some heat, diced jalapenos would be awesome.  You could also use dried chives, about 1 tablespoon. I'll be sharing the r