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Homemade Vanilla Superfudge Brownie Ice Cream

July is #NationalIceCreamMonth and I'm getting together with some foodie friends for an ice cream social so grab a spoon and dig in to all the awesome recipes we're sharing today!   I had a really hard time choosing my recipe for this event because I've got so many good ones saved to try. I bought all the ingredients for this Vanilla Superfudge Brownie and I set out to make it only to find out my oven was broken. I pivoted as quickly as I could and made the brownies on our Weber propane grill. The edges got a little more done than I'd like but once I trimmed them they were perfect. I had to hide the pan so that we didn't eat them all before I got the ice cream made! The ice cream base is super simple to make.  It does not get heated or cooked so if that's an issue you can use a pasteurized egg product. I churn my ice cream in my KitchenAid stand mixer using a specialized bowl and paddle.  I changed up the original recipe in a few minor ways.  First, I used Tayl