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Lemon Raspberry Crepe Cake

Even though it's been a milder than normal winter here in New England I have a terrible case of spring fever. Luckily we're celebrating Spring Sweets Week this week and there's going to be tons of amazing bright, citrusy and delicious recipes being shared.

This post is sponsored in conjunction with #SpringSweetsWeek. I received product from sponsor companies to help in the creation of my recipes.  All opinions are mine alone. 

I'm kicking it off with Lemon Raspberry Crepe Cake.  This is my first ever attempt at a crepe cake and we were so fortunate to be sent lovely French style crepes from Melissa's Produce. They also sent a trio of dessert sauces and I chose to use the raspberry because it pairs so well with lemon.

I made a lemon cream cheese filling using Taylor and Colledge Lemon Extract Paste. I started by laying a crepe on my serving platter and then topping it with the filling which I spread all the way to the edges. Then I grated some Selefina crystallized ginger root on top of the filling.

I added another crepe and then spread that with the raspberry dessert sauce. I did not measure it, in all I used about 8 ounces. I used an offset spatula and you could still see the crepe through the sauce.

I continued adding layers of crepe, lemon filling/ginger and dessert sauce until I had 20 layers.  That's 20 crepes, 10 lemon layers and 9 raspberry layers. You want to make sure the filling go all the way to the edges and they are fairly even.

I sifted some confectioner's sugar over the top and then garnished it with some candied lemon slices. Since there's cream cheese in the filling you do want to keep it refrigerated until you serve it.

If you don't want to use candied citrus you can always pipe on whipped cream and garnish it with fresh raspberries. It is key to use a serrated knife to cut the slices, it helps not to tear the layers and keeps them nice and neat.

Look at those layers! This was such a light and refreshing dessert that was so incredibly easy to make. I can't wait to try some other variations on it, I'm thinking apple and the caramel, strawberry with the chocolate sauce.

Thank you so much to Heather for hosting Spring Sweets Week and to all of the other bloggers for sharing their recipes. Thank you also to our sponsors, Melissa's Produce, Taylor and Colledge, and Selefina Spices for your generosity and support. Be sure to enter for your chance to win one of their prize packages, you can read about them down below.

Lemon Raspberry Crepe Cake

Lemon Raspberry Crepe Cake
Author: Jolene's Recipe Journal


Lemon Cream Cheese Filling
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar, divided
  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 teaspoon Taylor & Colledge Lemon Extract Paste
  • Pinch salt (1/8 teaspoon)
  • Selefina Crystallized Ginger Root, about 1 Tablespoon
For the cake
  • 20 Melissa's French Style Ready to Use Crepes
  • Approximately 8oz Melissa's Raspberry Dessert Sauce
  • Candied lemon slices, powdered sugar, optional


For the Lemon Cream Cheese Filling
  1. Combine the heavy whipping cream and 1/2 cup of powdered sugar in a bowl, whip to stiff peaks.
  2. Beat together cream cheese, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, lemon extract paste and salt together in another bowl until well combined.
  3. Very gently fold the whipped cream into the lemon mixture until it's thoroughly combined.
To assemble
  1. Place one crepe on the serving plate. Spread with approximately 3 tablespoons lemon cream cheese filling, I used a cookie scoop to portion it out.
  2. Grate the candied ginger over the top of the lemon filling, to taste. Top with another crepe.
  3. Spread the top with raspberry dessert sauce. I didn't measure this, I just made sure that it was an even layer but you could still kind of see the crepe through it.
  4. Repeat layers, ending with a lemon, then top with a final crepe. (This will be 10 layers of lemon and 9 layers of raspberry).
  5. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Dust crepe cake with powdered sugar and top with candied lemon slices, if desired.
Crepe cake, lemon, raspberry



Welcome to #SpringSweetsWeek 2024 hosted by Heather from Hezzi-D's Recipe Box! Spring is finally here and the sun is shining and we are celebrating the beginning of spring with plenty of spring sweets and a fun giveaway! This year 17 food bloggers from around the country are sharing over 50 sweet recipes that are perfect for spring, so get ready to enjoy amazing spring treats like cupcakes, ice cream, pies, cakes, and more! Thank you to our Spring Sweets Week sponsors that are helping us give away some great prizes. Thank you to Melissa's Produce, Taylor and Colledge, and Selefina Spices for your generosity and support. We have an incredible giveaway with three amazing prizes and would love it if you would take a moment to read about it and the prizes that you can win!

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    The crepes certainly were perfect for making a crepe cake. I love the flavor profile that you used.
    Hezzi-D said…
    This crepe cake is amazing! Lemon and raspberry screams spring. I can't wait to try making one myself.
    Karen said…
    Crepe cakes are a revelation, aren't they! What great fillings too!
    For years I have wanted to make a crepe cake, and now I have the best excuse to do it -- your recipe!
    Cindy Kerschner said…
    I love the layers! Got to try this!
    Sue Lau said…
    I love crepe cake and have never seen one with lemon. It sounds so good!
    Anonymous said…
    I think this would be great for all the summer picnics and potlucks too!
    Chris said…
    What a delicious use of the sauce! I didn't even think of that. I am can't wait to try this with the rest of my crepes.
    Radha said…
    This looks stunning and I love this easy recipe to make the best dessert!

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